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Twelve Oaks Software Ltd is a bespoke software development agency offering our expertise in producing, designing, upgrading and maintaining your businesses digital products. Our primary focus is creating high quality, tested and situation appropriate software which ensures that your success is not hindered by the tools you have at your disposal.

Working with people from FTSE100 companies to brand new start-ups and offering specialist services to compliment the services supplied by other software agencies as consultants; we strive to ensure that everyone involved has an informed, successful and pleasant software development experience.

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Some Recent Work

Across mobile apps, database designs and analytics, web systems, project management, consultancy and maintenance; Twelve Oaks Software are always providing top quality systems with the option of extended support and training.
Here are a few examples of the projects we worked on.

Live by the Sword: Tactics is an indie Tactical RPG in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics, Twelve Oaks Software has supported development throughout including performance and logical adjustments around the AI and automated testing.

Out now on Steam Early Access for macOS and PC.
The companion app to The Great British Bake-Off series 9 and 10.

We built and released the highly accessibility focused app on iOS and Android connecting to the provided Server-side APIs to populate with the content created by the show producers to provide recipes, bios, news and links to cookware products.
An independent puzzle game designed for one player. On multiple game boards of varying difficulty, you have 12 pieces and have to place the pieces in order to completely fill the grid.

Out on iOS, Android and Windows
KitKeeper is a valet storage company designed to allow students to store their property during periods of University holidays or between accommodation changes. Kit Keeper facilitates the collection and storage of property, followed by the return to a new address. Even when the destination address wasn't known at the time of collection.

Twelve Oaks Software provided Architectural Design, Frontend and Backend development including the Management Portal for the business to be able to manage and interact width the customer orders and review the history of payments and orders for each customer.
Twelve Oaks Software supported in multiple aspects of Channel 4's The Circle. The Social media based spiritual successor to Big Brother was built with support on websocket Instant Message functionality, performance improvements to allow for a more responsive user experience for both contestants and show producers alike.

We also assisted in development of the Series 1 mobile app to expand the available functionality and had the opportunity to rebuild the Android and iOS mobile apps for Series 2, increasing performance and adding new in-app features.
You have likely used the Ravelin service without realising it; many high frequency, low value transaction apps are customers of Ravelin - a well respected fraud detection system. Apps such as Just Eat, Deliveroo, Easy Taxi, booking.com and Trainline are all publicly customers of Ravelin. Not to mention many more that are not public.

The requirements for Twelve Oaks Software was to build a modular SDK, design the release pipelines for the mobile SDK, and write the documentation for customer implementation within their own mobile apps. This while ensuring all of the features we produced were built in a way that are adherent to the guidelines of the app stores so that no customers experienced unexpected difficulties releasing their apps to the public.
A last-minute support project to get the ‘Spectre’ interactive art installation over the line in time for the Sheffiled Doc/Fest Alternate Realities exhibition where it was nominated for “Best Digital Experience”. ‘Spectre’ examined the effect of AI, Social Media and Big Tech on Political Influence, promoting self-reflection. Highlighting the way that these aspects of the digital world can gather information and make accurate assumptions about us using an AI algorithm to analyse user decisions when interacting with the system. Culminating in display deep-fake videos of celebrities thanking the ‘Spectre’ system for their rise to power/influence/control/fame/fortune.

‘Spectre’ broke international news when its deep-faked snippets of Mark Zuckerberg - praising ‘Spectre’ for all of his success in gathering individuals’ data, personal information and secrets - was posted online.

Developing for HoloLens and Augmented Reality

After the launch of the Microsoft HoloLens, we at Twelve Oaks Software have been quick off the mark in moving our attention to this new opportunity. We have in development an augmented reality Chess game. Human centred gaming experience that will enhance the online game. In partnership with A.I.  Factory, a specialist in making both […]


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