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Who Are Twelve Oaks Software?

Twelve Oaks is a bespoke software development house. Founded over 9 years ago, we're a team of passionate software experts with a deep understanding of industry and commerce, and we believe we can help you with the challenges you face. Our expertise lies in developing software solutions that can seamlessly integrate into your existing systems, streamline your workflows, and enhance your overall business operations.

Unlike generic off-the-shelf solutions, the software we build is tailored to your unique needs. We take the time to understand your business goals, processes, and target audience, ensuring that the software we develop is not just a tool but a driving force behind your success.

Our development process is collaborative and transparent. We work closely with you every step of the way, from discussing your ideas, planning and designing to implementation and ongoing maintenance. We're committed to creating high-quality, robust solutions that are thoroughly tested and will meet your expectations. We are ready to work with you and turn your ideas into a reality.


What we offer to our clients

iOS / Android Applications

iOS and Android development are the two leading platforms for creating mobile applications. iOS, developed by Apple, is known for its user-friendly interface and strong app store ecosystem.

Android, developed by Google, offers greater flexibility and customization options. Both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, making the choice between them dependent on the specific needs of the project.

Our developers are fully experienced in developing your app no matter which platform you choose.

Database Design

Our developers are professionals in database design with a deep understanding of data structures, algorithms, and database technologies.

They are experienced in designing and implementing databases for a variety of applications, from small web applications to large enterprise systems.

Our experience covers a wide range of database systems including SQL Server, SQLite, Mongo DB, MYSQL and PostgreSQL. As well as many others

Big Data

We have the skills and experience to handle the large and complex datasets that are common in big data applications.

Our developers are familiar with the latest big data methodologies, tools and technologies including data collection and ingestion, storage and management, data processing and analysis and data visualisation:

Website Development

Websites are essential for your business in this day and age. They provide a way to connect with customers, promote products and services, and build brand awareness.

Our developers are experts in building websites that are user-friendly, responsive, search engine optimized (SEO), secure, and fast-loading.

We can also help you with website maintenance, hosting, quality content and digital marketing.


Analytics are a crucial part of any digital project. By using the correct tools and reporting systems, we can help you to collect and analyse data from a variety of sources, identify trends and patterns in your data, and use your data to make better decisions.

Armed with this information we can help you understand your customers, what are their wants and needs, and find out where their pain points are with the ultimate goal of improving your product or service.


Our team can perform and fully independent audit of software applications, including mobile apps, web apps, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, content management systems (CMS), and more.

Our reports support both technical and non-technical personnel in making informed decisions on how best to proceed with internal software, as well as providing factual information about what software is worth which supports business owners seeking venture capital or to sell their company.

Game Development

If you have an idea for a game, no matter what stage, our developers can turn that into a reality.

We are experienced in the whole life cycle of game development, from concept generation, through to design, building, testing and releasing onto the various app stores and distributer networks.

Content Management Systems

A content management system (CMS) is a software application that enables you to create, edit, and publish content on your website.

A CMS makes it easy, without any need to understand programming or the technicalities of coding. If you can use Facebook then with a properly built CMS you can manage and publish content to your website.

We are experienced in all major CMS systems including Wordpress, Umbraco and Drupal.

Bespoke Software

No matter how simple or complex your idea is, we can create custom software tailored to specific needs.

Our experienced developers excel in crafting software solutions that perfectly align with your unique requirements. Whether it's streamlining operations, enhancing customer experiences, or achieving business goals, our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional bespoke software that exceeds your expectations!

Our Work

Recent Projects


The Circle

Web Application

Our collaboration with Channel 4 revolves around providing mobile applications as a companion to the shooting...



Web Application

ZeroMission web dashboard consolidated all ZEV operation data into a single intuitive and user-friendly dashboard, by dividing the operational data into six exceptions that the fleets have to meet to ensure an efficient operation...


Live by the Sword : Tactics

Game | Windows | macOS

An indie Tactical RPG in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics


Kit Keeper

Web Application

Split The Bills makes shared student bills easy. One payment for all bills and only pay your share. Bundle all bills into one payment.


The Great British Bake Off

Android / iOS Application

The companion app to The Great British Bake-Off series 9 and 10.


Spot the Ball

Android Application

The classic game of luck and skill brought firmly into the digital age...


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